When you walk through the door here at My Travel at Midtown, you immediately notice a difference because that is what we are called to be…Different. There is more going on here than just travel arrangements. There is a calmness and peaceful feeling that just makes you want to be here. Blessed is what we are in so many ways.

When given the opportunity to open a new travel agency in the Auburn-Opelika area, we wanted everyone to see and feel “something” when they came into the office. We wanted it to be a place where people would have a pleasant experience while they are here, and a place they would want to come back to again and again…even if just to visit. We think we’ve done that.

Our mission is to concentrate on building strong relationships, and to provide excellent service with attention to details. We know that anyone can plan travel, but it takes experience and that “dedication to details” to actually make a professional travel agency. That type of travel agency where you feel you are more than just another person walking through the door to plan another vacation, or purchase another airline ticket. We want each person to feel they have received more of everything they needed than they expected to receive when they came in.

Many ask if the internet has affected the travel business. Obviously, the answer is “yes.” The internet is a fantastic tool; it is where everything happens today. Our technology is our best resource to help us to help you. Many people think that the internet has done away with the need for a travel agent. That is not the case. There have always been people who enjoy working and planning their own travel arrangements. Many others do not. We are here to help the people who just don’t have the time, or don’t trust making their own arrangements on-line, or those who want that personal service the internet cannot give them, especially when something goes amiss at that “worst possible time”.  Whatever your reason, we are here to be your full-service travel agency.

Years of dedication and hard work have come to fruition with My Travel at Midtown. Years of learning and doing what is right and standing on character and integrity have created a new business. We exist to be a helpmate to you in planning your vacation of a lifetime. Every person, every trip is important to us because it is important to you. We consider it a great honor in helping you with whatever you need: whether it’s an airline ticket, honeymoon, family vacation, cruise, tour, business travel, or just stopping by for directions. It does not matter if you are young or old, live in Auburn, Opelika, New York, Los Angeles, or across the ocean, we are always available to help with all your travel needs. We can make all your travel dreams come true. We’re looking forward to starting that relationship!